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Privacy Policy

We at Almaqalah are not responsible for any content that the user generates or creates through our service, and we also confirm that we do not store any texts that are paraphrased on our site

The user is fully responsible for the content that he rephrases, and we are not responsible to the intellectual property rights holders of these texts and articles, as we do not interfere in the details of the paraphrasing process or the choice of texts that are used.
Your use of our service constitutes your agreement and acknowledgment that you are fully responsible for the content that you are rephrasing, and that we, in the exclusive article, are not responsible in any legal or moral way for any violation that exposes you to legal accountability.

Google Ads uses the DART cookie system, which knows your interests across the web and pays attention to the sites you visit, but does not receive any of your personal data.
Google explains in detail the privacy policy around ads and according to the latest GDPR terms here:
This information is used to display ads on Google Ads pages based on your browsing of sites so that ads appear closer to you, personally.

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